On site Headshot session on a hot Friday

Last Friday I had the pleasure of shooting headshots for Robert Defazio, who has a business focused on acquiring and renovating residential properties. He was seeking headshots to use on his website and other social media. We met at one of his properties where I set up my portable backdrop off camera strobes. We started with traditional headshots against a white backdrop, then shot some against some french doors looking out the back of the house. If you would like to book your own session, call/text 210-201-3877

Happy 4th of July- tips for photographing fireworks.

Oh so many aspects of photography require super expensive equipment.  Fortunately though, Fireworks photography can be done with practically any digital camera that allows you to use bl settings.  A simple strategy for fireworks photography is to set your camera on Manual mode,  set your Aperture to f/11, your shutter speed to 4 seconds, and your ISO to the lowest native setting  (typically 100 or 200).   Use a tripod to keep the camera steady, and ideally use a remote trigger to minimize camera shake.   Prior to the start of the fireworks focus your camera on a distant point and get sharp focus.  Then set your focus to manual mode so the camera is not having to hunt for focus as the fireworks are going off.   

With these preparatory steps in place, all you need is to now time your shots.  Review your first shots to ensure good focus and exposure.   Don't be afraid to shoot a little on the dark side.  You don't want to lose the vivid colors of the fireworks due to blown highlights.

Here are some sample shots I took last night using these settings.

Capturing the essence of a business

Today I had a photo assignment at KD Salon and Spa in San Antonio.  They were wanting photos that will be used on social media, websites etc.  I love these commercial shoots since they give me a chance to learn about all sorts of businesses I would otherwise not discover.  

If you would like to have quality images to use in highlighting your business on Social Media then give me a call.  I would be happy to help.

When opportunity knocks....

So technically it was a headshot session, but sometimes the model gives you a great shot you just have to take. Modeling is by the talented Rachael Valdez. Shot on the Hays street bridge with Sony A7R III ad the Sony 85mm f/1.8 lens at 1.8, 1/3000 ISO 100.

Headshot shoot- Rachael Valdez 3-.jpg