Prairie dog at Wichita Mountains was wrap up photo for DEDPXL

My shot of a prairie dog at the Wichita Mountains was highlighted on the most recent DEDPXL photography critique video hosted by Zack Arias.  He wraps up the show with my photo so it is in the last couple minutes of the video.

Zack is a photographer of wide renown and has been doing occasional photo critiques focused around various themes.  The theme for this most recent critique was "Get Low".

Prairie dog enjoying a snack at Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.  Photo by Betchel Photography of Edmond

Exploring Oklahoma- The Gloss (Glass) Mountains

An hour west of Enid in the rural town of Fairview you will find Gloss Mountain State Park.
Though there are no lodging or campsites located in Gloss Mountains State Park, there are plenty of hiking trails and picnic areas to enjoy from sunrise to sunset.  A metal staircase helps you ascend the main face and offers some nice views of the surrounding terrain.


Gloss Mountains of Oklahoma.  Photography by Betchel Photography of Edmond - portrait and event photographer

Gloss Mountains Overlook in black and white.  Photo by Betchel Photography of Edmond- portrait and event photographer

Great little escape from the commotion of Las Vegas

When the commotion of the Strip has you longing for a bit of a respite, then take a little trip to Red Rock Canyon.  Located just 17 miles from the Las Vegas strip, Red Rock Canyon is a tremendous getaway from the crowds of downtown.  A beautiful one way scenic driving loop is offered as well as many miles of beautiful trails. 

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Red Rock Canyon photograph by

Celebrating life's milestones

This past Sunday I was asked to photograph the graduation celebration for a client. The celebration dinner was at KD's Bricktown.  The Chicken and Waffles were truly great, and it was such fun to photograph the family as they celebrated.


The graduate with a proud dad.

Congrats to Shulanda!

Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge

There are times when it can be wonderful to get a change of scenery.  Here in Oklahoma one of my favorite day trips is to the Wichita Mountains, located just a couple hours away from OKC near Lawton OK.  Excellent hiking, great views, and a very interesting visitor center.